Reaching Out to People in Need

Assistance International empowers people at risk through job skills training, small business funding, and medical and agricultural projects.
We focus on vulnerable families, and enable them to improve their livelihood. Our training teaches self-responsibility and encourages people to share what is learned. This eventually results in sustainable change for families and communities.
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Our Projects

How we enable people to improve their lives


Skills Training Center

From sewing and knitting courses to lessons in general computer skills: our trainings give people the ability to provide for their families. 

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Medical Projects

We train local health workers to increase medical knowledge and skills, and give lessons to pregnant women to improve mother and child health.

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Small Business Funding

Assistance International supports home-based businesses, and gives  ongoing coaching. Our funding only consists of goods, not financial loans. 

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Food Processing Project

This project is run with Public organisation Zarafshon (POZ). We offer vocational training in canning, cooking and dairy production using local fruits and vegetables, berries, herbs and milk.

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Agricultural Projects

Helping local farmers to improve fruit and vegetable growing, or to start and run chicken farms. Training is our main focus. 

Brick Oven Construction

Masonry Heater Project

This project trains young men in a mountain village in the novel job skill of building coal-efficient brick heaters. These home-heating constructions have an integrated stove.

Respirators and antiseptic were distributed to village medical clinics

Emergency and Disaster Relief

In case of a disaster Assistance International is willing to help, consistent with our ability. In 2020 we responded to needs resulting from the Covid19 pandemic.