Donations to SAI projects can be transferred to the SAI bank account in The Netherlands.
Please add the type of project you want to support for example: Chicken Project, Medical project, Skills training project Dushanbe, Skills training in Tursunzoda.
If you do not specify a project, the gift will be used for the overall running of all projects.

Thank you! Your donation helps us reach out to people in need.

SAI has a ANBI status. This is useful for donors who pay their taxes in The Netherlands.

Bank details:

Bank Name: ABN AMRO

Account number:  NL70 ABNA 0616 7858 28

Account name: Stichting Assistance International

Account number: (IBAN:) NL70 ABNA 0616 7858 28


Bank Name: ABN AMRO

Address of the bank:  Gustav Mahlerlaan 10

Postal Code ABN AMRO Bank:  1082  PP

Place ABN AMRO Bank :  Amsterdam

Country:  The Netherlands

Address of account holder: Sibeliusplein 58  3122 XA Schiedam   The Netherlands