Assistance International in Iran

Assistance International in Iran

Assistance International started work in Iran to assist with emergency relief. When an earthquake struck Bam and the surrounding Kerman province in 2003, Assistance International distributed food, hygiene packs and clothes to the victims.

After immediate emergency relief, Assistance International followed up with various vocational skills training programs. These programs were offered espcially to female heads of households (FHH) and to people who lost their family, houses and jobs because of the earthquake. Expanding these programs, we offered vocational skills training in different places, actively working in Iran from 2004 until 2012. 

Bam & Zarand:
Emergency relief after the earthquake

Microcredit for widows and divorced women and for men who lost their jobs during the earthquake
Coöperative for pottery, traditional handicrafts and football production

Tailoring and computer courses for female heads of housholds
Tools and applicances to support handicrafts for disabled people

Qorveh & Dehgolan:
Tailoring, knitting and computer courses for female heads of households

Semnan & Saveh:
Tailoring, carpet weaving and computer courses for Afhgan women

Tailoring, computer, Farsi and English courses for Afghan women