Agricultural projects

Assistance International runs several agricultural projects to help people better their livelihood.

Improving vegetable yields with local farmers

Vegetable growing

Assistance International works together with local farmers to improve their vegetable production. Better production means better income and a sustainable way to provide for their families.
Assistance International has build basic tunnel greenhouses and offers farmers  regular and ongoing training and advice. By experimenting together and sharing best practises with local farmers, we help vegetable growers to reduce risks and diseases, improve their market position and earn a better living.

Fruit tree seedlings were distributed to 20 families

Intensive fruit tree growing

Assistance International works with local farmers on intensive fruit tree production. If planted close together, fruit trees can be productive and profitable even in the village yard close to home. Yielding a relatively large amount of fruit, intensive tree production can be a real contributor to family income.
As families learn improved and best practices such as pruning, integrated pest management, and harvest processing, it makes then sense for them to later invest in larger orchards themselves. Program results need to be proven yet, for it takes several years for the seedlings to produce fruit

Chickens laying eggs in the organic chicken farm

Egg production

In its history Assistance International has set up different chicken farms where good quality egg production business was demonstrated. Currently Asistance International is testing organic egg production, as a sustainable and environment-friendly way of creating extra income for farming families.