Assistance International’s response to Covid19

Assistance International could not watch idly while the world, and also Tajikistan, suffered from the Covid19 pandemic.

Soon after they heard the news of a new virus spreading, Assistance International’s medical project staff spread information on personal protection and hygiene.
We educated more than 1000 people on handwashing and told them how to protect themselves against infection wih the coronavirus. Our staff distributed 2000 bars of soap, so people could immediately practice what was taught.

Aid to clinics
Assistance International also distributed respirators (1000) and antiseptic sprays (100) to several clinics. Medical staff there was thankful. With these goods they can continue to care for their people safely.

Food distribution
Some families in Tajikistan noticed the consequences of the pandemic because suddenly their family members, who work as migrant laborers, could not send any money home. They lost their income, or could not at all travel abroad for seasonal work.
Other already vulnerable families struggled with higher food prices or loss of income at home. Assistance International helped 100 poor families with food packages (40 in Tursunzoda region and 60 in Khatlon).

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