Assistance International translates life changing videos

Global Health Media’s breastfeeding series are translated into Tajik

You have just given birth to your first baby. You have had a look at those tiny fingers and toes. Besides feeling wonder and happiness, there is also a lot of potential to worry. 
Women in Tajikistan often struggle to breastfeed their babies well. There is not much information available. Health workers in the hospital don’t have enough time or knowledge to educate new mothers. 

Tea with sugar
Many women give up breastfeeding when it doesn’t seem to work. They might think they don’t have enough milk. They might see their baby still hungry, and give it tea with sugar, or change to expensive formula milk. Often their problems are easily solved by teaching them how to attach their baby well to the breast, or inform them about nature’s automatic increasing milk supply that will adjust to their baby’s needs.  

Global Health Media Project is an organization that provides informative videos on global health topics. During the last year Assistance International translated their breastfeeding video series into Tajik language. According to the website of Global Health Media Project: “Virtually every mother can breastfeed, if given appropriate support, advice, and encouragement. The videos ‘show and tell’ important information to help health workers and mothers achieve greater breastfeeding success.” 

The translated short movies can be seen and downloaded on the website of Global Health Media Project. Assistance International’s mother and child health project leader: “We have used some videos in our lessons, and women are enthusiastic about them.”  

During world breastfeeding week (1st-7th August 2019), Assistance International proudly presents the translated videos. We hope they will be a blessing to many Tajik mother and child!

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