About Us


Assistance International, founded in 1995, is an International Non-Governmental Organization based in the Netherlands.

Assistance International was active in Iran and other countries, focusing on the empowerment of disadvantaged individuals and refugees.

Assistance International was registered as an international non-governmental organization in Tajikistan in 2012 and started to empower people to do their own business with the skills that they learn through vocational skills training programs.

Assistance International is an implementing organization, which means that we realize all projects ‘hands-on’ with our own expatriate and local personnel on site. For each project, we partner with a donor, which can be a governmental, international, or private body.

Assistance International aims to empower disadvantaged people through skills training, Small Business Funding (SBF) and other relevant projects.

Focusing on the neediest, Assistance International mainly works with disabled people, refugees, and Female Head of Households (FHH).

Through our various vocational skills training and Small Business based projects, we seek to enable people to work professionally, become financially independent, build up individual self-respect, and ultimately, to face their own future with a renewed outlook of hope and expectation.